Guide to XS2A


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The EasyOnboarding is a redirect solution as an alternative to the Javascript-Widget or the Wizard-API. With this solution, we will host a standalone page on our system that can be used to redirect a user to finish the process there.

Look and feel

Payment Platform (xs2a.pay)

For the Payment Platform (xs2a.pay) you can configure your Payform pretty simple, fast, and without any deep technical knowledge in our customer cockpit.
What do you need to configure your customized Payform?
  1. 1.
    Go to https://manage.xs2a.com/ and log into our customer cockpit with your credentials
  2. 2.
    Select "Configure" and go to "Payform"
3. Start configuration by editing texts, colors and upload your images:
3.1 Edit the text (DE and ENG) you want to display in your Payform
3.2 Upload your image(s) / logos that shall be displayed in your payform
3.3 Select your color(s) for the payform
4. Save your configured Payform
5. Check your preview and if needed edit your configuration once again

Analytics Platform (xs2a.risk)

We are able to design and create the page for your requirements. Starting from the Colors to the Layout around our Javascript-Widget everything can be adjusted to fit your needs.

How to use

Static configuration

This can be used if the configuration for each session and all customers will stay the same. We create the session then directly if the page is opened so that it is only required to redirect a user to the page. You will receive a url that you can redirect a user to.
It is needed to register two redirect urls where we will redirect the customer in case of success or an error/abort.
Example url

Dynamic configuration

This needs to be used if the configuration per session of the customer is different. In this case, you need to create your session via REST-API and pass the wizard-session-key from our response combined with the page url to the redirect.
The redirect urls for success and error/abort are also needed here, they can be also configured dynamically in the session you received the wizard-session-key from.
Example url
For more information on how to create a session please read the guide for the specific product that should be used.


It is possible to pass up to 3 key-value pairs as metadata to the EasyOnboarding. This is limited by a key length of 20 characters and a value length of 128 characters. The key-value pairs will be appended as query parameters
Example url with static configuration
Example url with dynamic configuration
The Information you provide there can be found in the resulting webhook or in the transaction object itself.

Use an own domain

It is possible to use every domain you want as long as you can set the correct DNS record and provide an SSL certificate for it. The address https://manage.xs2a.com/start/ will then replaced with your domain.