Source of Funds/Wealth

B2C, Gambling

Source of funds/wealth is a process in which the user needs to prove to a company that the funds he/she has deposited belongs to them and they can afford to deposit that amount. Normally the user needs to send different official documents from their employer and their bank to the company.

Tink Germany helps you to digitize this process as well as to minimize the manual processes, e.g. by pulling the official documents automatically from the bank.

Used platforms

pageJavascript-WidgetpageAnalytics Platform (XS2A.risk)

Used checks

The XS2A.account_snapshot offers direct access to the raw account data. The account data reflects the information at the time of the transaction. The range of the returned turnovers in the account snapshot can be either constrained by a number of days, starting from the current date or optionally by explicitly stating a from and to parameter. Notice however, that the complete account snapshot will be restricted to the given date range. That also means that the account balance will be from the last day of the given date range.

Example configuration

  "language": "de",
  "xs2a_account_snapshot": {
    "days": "365",
    "with_subcategory": "1",
    "all_tags": "1",
    "all_accounts": "1"

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