B2C & B2B Rating Checks

This page gives a brief insight into the Tink Germany ratings and gives a description of what those are, which criteria are taken into account and what is recommended.

What's the need of a B2C or B2B Rating?

We will provide you a reliable and qualified risk assessment of the private or business bank account in real-time, fully digital, and automated. This enables you regular monitoring of your customers’ entire financial bank activities.

For which Use Cases can the B2B/B2C Rating add value to you?

Some samples :

  • eCommerce (e.g. deciding on offered payment method)

  • B2B Loan / Leasing

  • B2c Loan / Leasing

  • Reevaluating your customers existing liabilities

  • much more...

The account rating does not correspond to a scoring that allows statements about a possible probability of default. probability of default. However, it can be supplemented with traditional credit agency data via our API.

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