Integration variants


We recommend this method because it is the most efficient way to integrate the highly complex flow of providing a seamless interaction between the customer and the bank.

If your goal is to integrate our product seamlessly into your own application and you do not want to care about the huge variety of possibilities to have a proper integration of each bank you should stick to his method.

We will provide a Javascript-Library that you need to integrate into your application. This library takes care of the whole flow from selecting a bank to walking through the authentification.

You are able to customize the look and feel and can register different callbacks to interact with the library.



If you do not want to take care of a direct integration of our product into your website, we can create a standalone website for you that will provide the integration externally.

You will only need to redirect your users to the created website and after the process is finished, we can redirect them directly back to a page on your side.

We also have the possibility to customize this website based on our needs as well as we can also provide it as a subdomain from your domain.



Please note that you can only use this option if you have a valid eIDAS certificate. (....)

The Wizard-API is the rest API alternative to the Javascript-Widget. Instead of integrating the Javascript library on your page, the Wizard-API allows for full control of the customer-facing process.

Please keep in mind that this method of integration requires much more effort than the integration via the Javascript-Widget. Every form, every help text, and every authentification method has to be implemented on your side.


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