Payouts & Refunds

Based on transactions, easily initiate payouts or refunds

With the payouts & refund feature, you can initiate a payout or refund to your customer. You just need to send us a list of transactions with respective payout & refund information via API and we will provide you a SEPA pain file that can easily be further processed by your bank. In contrast to a refund, a payout can be executed to any amount required. A refund, however, cannot exceed the amount of the original transaction.

Preconditions for using payouts & refunds:

  • The transaction related to the payout or refund transaction was processed via

  • Recon Payment Platform feature is activated

How does it work:

  1. You send a list with the respective payout & refund information (transaction ID, amount, transaction type refund or payout) via API

  2. Tink Germany checks the list

  3. Tink Germany provides a pain 001.001.03 file with the payer and payee information taken out of the original transaction and the payout & refund information of your list via API

  4. Take the pain file and further process and authorise it at your bank

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