What is XS2A?

This page is a summary of the XS2A product line and the APIs in place to help you with your use case.


XS2A stands short for "access to the account".

The XS2A product line consist of three main sets of APIs, that are optimized for a specific use case:

  • XS2A.risk (Analytics Platform) provides a set of APIs that are optimized for single-shot access to the account meaning a user is accessing their account only once. The extracted data can be processed using a number of preconfigured modules.

  • XS2A.pay (Payment Platform) is the white label payment solution. XS2A.pay consists of a payment initiation API, a fully-fledged fraud prevention tool and a rich set of configuration options.

Every product can be combined with one of the following methods to display the customer-facing process (PIN/TAN entry in the browser).


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