B2B Rating

The Tink Germany Account Quality B2B Rating

The B2B Rating is designed to provide an aggregated statement about a company's bank statement in several dimensions:

Is it even a company bank statement that can be used to make a statement?

How does the account develop over time? Are there any remarkable anomalies on the account?

For the application of Tink Germany rating checks, it is at first essential to know whether one finds oneself looking and dealing mainly with B2C or alternatively with B2B clients. For both cases Tink Germany offers a solution and the following products:

  • B2B Rating: which produces a qualitative evaluation of a bank statement (business accounts) according to various criteria and summarizes these in a school grade system (A-F).

Which criteria play a role when dealing with the B2B rating?

Some examples:

  • revenue

  • company size

  • cash flows

  • negative incidents

Of course, frequency, amount, and type of positive and/or negative anomalies determine the impact.

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