Simple Pay

Fast and Simple Payment Initiation

With Simple Pay we will help you to initiate payments via PSD2 interfaces more simple and less complicated and to enable end-users to successfully execute a transaction with the help of only one SCA.

Possible use cases:

  • PFM providers

  • eCommerce with low fraud risk

What's important to know about Simple Pay?

Simple Payment can only be used via PSD2 interfaces. In contrast to previous pay transactions, a special feature of Simple Payment is that no Account Information Service (AIS) is executed and required; only the payment in the form of the PIS is executed.

The improved user experience is the main goal.

What does a transaction without AIS mean?

  • One SCA required to initiate a transaction.

  • No account view for a Simple Payment transaction.

  • No security settings check (e.g. no account balance check)

  • IBAN has to be provided

Simple Payment is only available for selected PSD2 interfaces in DE and AT (under the condition that the PSD2 transport routes are market-ready).

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