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Payment Platform (

With this platform, payments can be set up with one time access to the online bank account. You will also be able to take into account important risk and fraud criteria (so-called security check) which we can set individually based on your needs.

pagePayment Platform (

Analysis Platform (XS2A.risk)

The analysis platform grants one-time access to account data of a bank account, credit card, or Paypal account with the aim of obtaining an electronic account statement or to be able to call up specific analysis results (individual key figures such as risk characteristics or entire reports) via a selection of predefined analysis modules.

pageAnalytics Platform (XS2A.risk)

Open Banking Platform (XS2A.api)

In cases where a regular update of the account information is required without the need to ask the user to log in again every time, this product provides access to account data of a bank account, with the aim of obtaining or retrieving an electronic account statement, in order to be able to use this data e.g. in a PFM tool. This enables the possibility to have several bank connections of the same authorized person to be combined under one FTS user.

pageOpen Banking Platform (XS2A.api)


OnlineÜberweisen is our own payment solution with the trustworthy look and feel of FTS. The integration is done via our API . In addition, you can of course use OnlineÜberweisen via one of our partner PSPs. Please contact us and together we will find the right partner for you.


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