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Reconciliation Feature

The payment reconciliation functionality can be used by all customers using the product in conjunction with the payment reconciliation functionality.

Here you can enter the corresponding recipient account via our customer cockpit for the automatic reconciliation of incoming payments.

The status of each payment is checked up to four times a day on bank working days on the provided recipient account and adjusted if necessary. You will be informed about each status changes automatically. Additionally, if you wish to track your payments manually you can login to the Customers Cockpit and check the overview displayed here.

Please be aware that we are informing you about the status as described below:

  • none: payment was initiated but not found on the recipient account

  • received: payment was found on the recipient account

  • loss: payment could not be found after >= 6 working days on the recipient account

In cases where you might have other information about a status we kindly ask you to inform us via our manual overwrite status functionality for status "lost" and "received".

If this feature is activated for your account you are able to activate it in your merchant admin. How you can do this is described below:

Only DE (German) and AT (Austria) accounts are currently supported.

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