Track your Business

The integrated Dashboard in your Cockpit lets you monitor and manage all of your transactions. Learn how to use its features.

Vincent is our user interface for you to operate and configure your Tink Germany account. You can use it to manage your transactions, monitor your integration, and much more.

"Transactions" provides useful at-a-glance information about the activity on your account. A wide range of analytics and real-time charts provide insight into the performance of your business. The section "Sessions" also shows recent activities that may require your attention, such as not finished sessions and last errors. You can easily switch between testing and productive transactions in Vincent.

A separate transaction overview is available for each activated product. This can be limited by filter criteria for specific transaction details.

Additionally, for the product XS2A.api, a comprehensive interface is available for the administration of bank users, bank details and bank accounts, both for test and production operation.

Individual reports created by the provider can subsequently be used and executed via the transaction or turnover display within the customer portal:

The following formats are available as result formats: PDF, HTML, JSON.

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