Age verification check


Internet offers such as online or browser-based computer games, media libraries and streaming services or online gambling providers, but also the purchase of alcohol, require the user/customer to be of legal age so that the content, goods and services can be made accessible to them.

The check applies to accounts in Germany and Austria. Joint accounts are excluded from age verification. In addition, the account must be approved for payment transactions. Business accounts cannot be excluded at this time. The result of the age verification may not lead to clean results here.

Used platforms

pageJavascript-WidgetpageAnalytics Platform (XS2A.risk)pageOpen Banking Platform (XS2A.api)

Used checks

The XS2A.age_verification_check verifies the legal age of the account holder.

The age verification check is available both as a classic risk check in xs2a.risk and as a check in If the age verification check is used in connection with pay, it is checked whether the user can be confirmed as of legal age. If this is not the case, the transaction will be canceled and the payment will not be executed. A last error is generated as information about the unconfirmed age verification (age_verification_not_confirmed). “Legal age not confirmed” does not automatically mean under age, but simply that an legal age cannot be derived from the information available. A distinction is made between hard and soft criteria. The age of majority is confirmed with at least one hard criterion or at least two soft criteria that can be found in the account transactions.

Example configuration

  "language": "de",
  "xs2a_age_verification_check": []

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