Testbank 2.0

Simulate real scenarios

Challenge: Simulate user behavior as realistically as possible Companies need practical turnover in their daily testing routine

Before working with external service providers, banks & FinTechs face two main challenges: Different scenarios have to be played out and tested. The companies are faced with the challenge of testing the performance of the technology sufficiently under realistic conditions using real-life data and at the same time acting in a data protection-compliant manner (e.g. no "live data" from their customers). In addition, for the introduction of new products, different models with different risk groups must be simulated as realistically as possible.

With Tink Germany Testbanking, real scenarios can be simulated in a tailor-made manner.

With Tink Germany Testbanking, we have created an environment in which account transactions can be created and configured completely freely in order to be able to simulate different account scenarios or life situations. The account simulator has the appearance of an online banking account, is therefore very intuitive to use and the familiar variables from income and living costs can be added in a modular way.

For further information, please contact our Support Team (support@tink-germany.com)

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